Raging Robin O’Donnell

 photo 064785D2-AA6A-4A1D-8A6A-334BCD8236A9_zpso3vpjxv6.jpg
Image Source: ©DC ©Warner Bros.

“My brother’s wire broke once and I swung out and grabbed him. My father said I was his hero. I flew in like a Robin.”
-Dick Grayson

Sidekick to cape crusader Batman in Batman Forever & Batman and Robin, Robin was reprised by Chris O’Donnell who in the film was a circus acrobat and biker with bad-boy vibe.

 photo 52EA0429-A8F8-4BE7-835E-9948D9452988_zpsqhmkuyij.jpg
Image Source: ©DC ©Warner Bros.
Read through his ©wikia story here

 photo 823AD434-0C66-413C-9A74-35F371913721_zps30suwqji.jpg
Image Source: ©DC ©Warner Bros.

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