Bye bye Batman ’66

 photo F2FD9CB4-7BAA-43A0-8B46-E5BA706C21A3_zps26xzro4b.jpg
Image Source: ©20th Century Fox

Batman/Bruce Wayne
Masked Vigilante, Superhero/ Business Man Millionaire

Adam West
Actor, Batman (1966-1968)

Batman the TV series which aired in 1966 has surfaced around the web due to the recent passing of Adam West who was Bruce Wayne or the Dark Knight in the 120 episode series. 

“By the way, Batman, have you seen millionaire Bruce Wayne? He doesn’t answer the phone at his stately manor.”

-Commissioner Gordon

The TV series started bouncing back during its Blu-Ray remastering in 2014. 
“Campy classic is still fun, but perhaps too stiff for kids.”, according to Will Wade a reviewer for CommonSenseMedia.

Among the Gotham famed characters – Robin, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, The Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze & the Riddler were part of the show that aired through ©20th Century Fox for two years with 120 episodes. 

The late Adam West’s portrayal, based on common reviews, were said to be one the most realistic among all of those who played the role. 

According to an excerpt from “Batman: The Complete Series Blu-ray Review by Michael Reuben in December 2014, “Central to the show’s appeal was West’s slyly skillful portrayal of the dual rolls of the fabulously wealthy Bruce Wayne and his secret crime-fighting alter ego. Unlike the tortured souls who would become Batman’s standard screen incarnations in the franchises later created by Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan, West’s dual characters were paragons of well-adjusted normality, forever pausing to educate the impetuous Dick Grayson/Robin (played with flair by Burt Ward, whose chemistry with West was ideal) on matters of morality, deportment, civic virtue, basic hygiene, truth, justice and the American way. West’s Batman not only walked the walk—frequently up a wall, using grappling hooks and Bat ropes, in an oft-repeated shot achieved by turning the camera sideways while West and Ward pretended to pull themselves along laboriously—but he also talked the talk. He educated his young listeners as well as Robin. ”

To one of the finest Batman’s you will be missed.


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