Wishing upon a Starlord

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    Image Source: ©Marvel Studiosh

    “Showtime, A-holes!”

    -Peter Quill

    Peter Jason Quill / Starlord
    Astronaut, NASA

    Starlord, Guardian of the Galaxy (2014)

    Also known as Boyo, Peter Jason Quill was born in Colorado to Jason of Spartoi & Meridith Quill.
    He grew up to be a NASA astronaut. He also finds fancy in exploring and most of all, he likes listening to his mixtapes.

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    Image Source: ©Marvel Studios

    Before Starlord

    When J’son’s ship crash lands on Earth, he is taken in by Meredith Quill. The two form a relationship while J’son makes repairs to his ship. Eventually, J’son is forced to leave to return home and fight in a war. He leaves, not knowing Meredith is pregnant with Peter Quill. 10 years later, Meredith is killed when she is attacked by two Badoon soldiers who have come to kill Peter and end J’son’s blood line. Peter kills them with a shot gun, finds his father’s gun by accident, and escapes his home before it is destroyed by the Badoon ship. The Badoon presume Peter is killed and leave. Peter is placed in an orphanage and eventually joins NASA.[w]

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    Image Source: ©Marvel Studios

    Peter the Ravager

    Later, when his ship malfunctions and he is stranded in space, Peter is found by the Ravagers, a group of space pirates led by Yondu. After the Ravagers saved Peter, he tried to steal their ship. Peter managed to outsmart every member of the Ravagers and even knocked out Yondu before capturing him. After he woke up, Yondu managed to set himself free from his restraints and attacked Peter and gave him a choice between letting himself be released to space without more trouble or get killed right there. Peter instead asked him if he could join his crew. Yondu was not sold on the idea but after he found out Peter was like him as they were both “kids without homes”, Yondu changed his mind and let him stay in the ship with the Ravagers as their cleaning boy. Peter decided to stay and try to learn everything he could from space while he was part of the Ravagers.[w]

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    Image Source: ©Marvel Studios

    The Starlord we Know

    Chris Pratt portrays Peter Quill / Star-Lord in the Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy.[76] In 1988, when Peter Quill was a young boy in Missouri and unable to accept his mother’s death due to cancer, he leaves the hospital in tears, and is subsequently abducted by an extraterrestrial star-ship. Twenty-six years later, he is a member of the Ravagers, the mercenary gang who abducted him as a child led by Yondu Udonta, and has had many adventures with this crew around the galaxy. While on a scavenging job, Peter finds himself embroiled in a significant power struggle and revenge war between two advanced galactic powers, the Kree warlord Ronan the Accuser and Xandar’s Nova Corps while also being hunted by Yondu after failing to bring him a stolen relic later revealed to be an Infinity Stone which Ronan seeks. Throughout the movie, Peter is shown listening to a mixtape of various hit songs from 1962 – 1986 that was given to him by his mother, which serves as his only connection with Earth.

     photo D7F36449-F4E8-45BD-B74A-7D6629D1D7EE_zpsdbdouwgj.jpg
    Image Source: ©Marvel Studiosh

    Pratt reprises his role in the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.[77] In this film, Quill learns that his father is Ego the Living Planet, a primordial Celestial- who manifests a human avatar that allows him to interact with other races- with Ego teaching Quill more about his Celestial abilities. However, although Quill is briefly ‘seduced’ by Ego’s power, he turns against his father when it is revealed that Ego killed his mother to ensure his focus on his self-perceived ‘duty’ to reproduce, keeping Ego occupied in combat with his newfound Celestial powers until the other Guardians are able to destroy Ego’s brain. After Ego dies and Peter loses his Celestial powers, he is rescued from the planet’s destruction by Yondu, who sacrifices his life in the process. The Guardians hold a memorial to give Yondu an honorable funeral, during which Peter recognizes Yondu as his true father and the Ravagers arrive to pay homage. Peter also replaces his destroyed Walkman with a Zune.

    Pratt will return as Quill in Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel.[w]


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