photo 6D87B940-6430-47C0-8C62-9950550DB7A5_zpsvrprh3ft.jpg
Image Source: ©DC, ©Warner Bros.

“You like strong women. I’ve done my homework. Or do I need skin-tight vinyl and a whip?”

– Dr. Chase Meridian to Batman

Dr. Chase Meridian

Psychiatrist, GCPD

Nicole Kidman

Actress, Batman Forever (1995)

Although Chase Meridian was a minor character in the Batman universe, she’s one of the memorable Dark Knight leading ladies. A psychiatrist by profession Chase & Bruce’s paths crossed because their network in the Gotham City Police Department where she works. She is also a proud batman fanatic, and lover to the caped crusader’s alter ego Bruce Wayne. 

Nicole Kidman gave life to Chase Meridian in the 1995 Joe Schumacher directed, Tim Burton produced film Batman Forever handing Michael Keatons Bat gears to Val Kilmer. Burton took a darker turn to the story of one of the most celebrated superheroes in the DC trinity. In the movie, the crime stricken Gotham City revealed to us two of the maddest villains in the history of billionaire Bruce Two Face & The Riddler. These villains’ portrayal of these Gotham deviants leveled with the bad-guy acting prowess of their predecessors like Cat Woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) & Penguin (Danny DeVito).

Nicole’s never came back to reprise her role in Batman plot but she made a few highly acclaimed movies thereafter. 



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