Love Lois Lane

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Image Sources: ©DC, ©CW

“I can be loud, and at times I’m a little bossy. So someone might wonder why a person of your God-like caliber would be with a woman who is so imperfect. Well don’t take this the wrong way but you come with some baggage of your own and it’s made me a better person. Just like being with me will make you a greater man and a superhero.”
– Lois Lane

Lois Lane
(Superwoman, Ultrawoman)

: Journalist, The Daily Planet
Erica Durance (Actress, Smallville 2001-2011)

Did you know that Lois & Clark were introduced to the developing series from “Smallville” as friends with a familial relationship? Yes, as brother & sister. Although later in the series Lois Lane took Lana Lang’s place in the heart of our Superhero.

 photo CC4EBA60-93C9-4529-8060-3069F83727B5_zpsls1qlqn5.jpg
Image Sources: ©DC, ©CW

Erica Durance gave life to the comic-book damsel, who is equally bold and ambitious, persistent and brave. At an early age Lois has already shown interest in investigative journalism something that she clearly gave justice to later in the development of her character.

What most of us like about Lois lane’s entry in Smallville is her guts and how she appears to be fierce & independent.

 photo 394CD93C-52F8-461F-B4FF-B075456F047C_zps7kv9z4ev.jpg
Image Sources: ©DC, ©CW

Later in the show, Lois & Clark’s relationship also progressed up to an engagement and a wedding planned. Although in the comic-book version, Lois turned out to be Clark’s wife, 10 seasons of Smallville couldn’t tie the knot for these two.


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