A Stark for all season

 photo DAD04A0C-8676-48DA-ACC6-45DB604E9355_zpsncfqh80i.jpg
Image Source: ©HBO

Robb Stark

: 14 at the start of “Game of Thrones, A Song of Fire and Ice”

“Love’s not always wise, I’ve learned. It can lead us to great folly, but we follow our hearts … wherever they take us.”
-Robb Stark

Being the eldest son of Eddard “Ned” Stark of Winterfell, the pressure was in Robb’s shoulder. At the death of Eddard, Robb assumed leadership in Winterfell. Although his decision making and political strategies were sometimes rash & flawed, one can say that as a king, a son and a brother he did his very best.

 photo C1B50554-1281-4BBC-8175-2CA6701A00AB_zps392whujd.jpg
Image Source: ©HBO

“Robb declares himself King in the North rather than swear fealty to the Lannister king, Joffrey Baratheon, drawing the banners of the north and of the riverlands to his cause.”(1)


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