Octavia Blake: pretty dangerous 100 times

 photo 37D79B09-671F-4515-95ED-FAAC6F040D20_zpsd6m0bfu2.jpg
Image Source : ©CW

As a daughter in hiding, it was difficult for her growing up. Being a part of the 100 surviving children of the Ark, she found a venue to release her exclusion. Brother to Bellamy and not a big fan of Clarke, daughter of someone who was instrumental to her being locked up.

“She was kept a secret by her family, living under the floor to avoid detection by authorities, but was eventually caught when Bellamy sneaked her out of her room to attend a masked ball. Once discovered, some of the detainees discriminate against her for being a second child and thus an outcast to the Ark’s dystopian society.”(1)

 photo 8A537EA1-6424-47E1-8AE1-82BB5538E3F9_zpssy3lzol7.jpg
Image Source : ©CW

Portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos, Octavia is one of the main characters in “The 100” which first aired on CW in 2014 and now on its fourth and hopefully not its final season. The 100 TV series was based on the book by Kass Morgan which was first published in 2013.


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